The Company

Artist management and booker.


  • Events (Concerts&festivals booking, event management and production, logistics);
  • Design (Professional photoshoots, graphic design, webdesign).


AA Event was born at the beginning of 2019 like the evolution of a first association Asian Dreamers which promote asian Music in France. AA event is created to be bigger like Asian Dreamers and in all around the world. AA event, it’s the booking and European or World tour for artists.

AA events regroups international management agency, booking and events.

  • 2015: the association Asian Dreamers was created and manage by B. Ferrari and promote asian music in France.
  • 2018: AA event was created by Bettyann Ferrari as an evolution of Asian Dreamers in Europe and World
  • 2019, May 21: official creation of AA Event

Everyone, thank you.

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  • AA Event
  • Address: 31 Avenue Georges Pompidou, 69003 Lyon, FRANCE
  • Tel: +33 6 20 95 22 53
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