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AA Event (Association law 1901)
prefecture  RNA: W691100385
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adress: 31 avenue Georges Pompidou, 69003 LYON, France
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The AA Event takescare of the protection of personal data. She is committed to ensuring the highest level of protection to your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act. For information on the protection of personal data, you can also consult the French Commission Informatique and Freedom website :

A / Processing Manager Identity.

Personal data is collected by AA Event whose Head Office is located at 31 avenue Georges Pompidou, 69003 LYON, whose Siret number is 811 080 829 00039

B / Purpose – exploitation of data about you: information and newsletters of the Association AA Event.

To keep you informed of our news and benefits you can get, you will receive information by email of our association. We measure open rate of our shipments to suit the best your needs. The information and data you enter as part of the “Newsletter” is exclusively for the association for the purpose of customization of services and information we send you. You can stop at any time sending information or newsletters.

C / Data collected on our site.

  • Which data?

We collect your name, adress, email, IP adress, connection data and navigation data.

  • when?

We collect the information you provide us including when:
– You save your email for “newsletter”
– You make a purchase on our site
– Contact our Customer Service
– Writing a comment

D / Recipient of the data collection.

The data collected on the site of AA Event combination is intended exclusively for the association.

E / Your rights under the Data Protection Act.

Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 and the Act of August 6, 2004 means that you have a right of access and rectification and opposition to personal data about you. Contact us by mail: aaevent@aavent, or by letter to the AA Event, 31 avenue Geroges Pompidou, 69003 LYON, France, indicating your name, and your email address. According to regulations in force, your request must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity card bearing your signature and the address to which you must reach the answer. A response will then be sent within two months of receiving the request

F / Social Networks.

The use of social networks and services of the association AA Event in relation to these social networks is likely to result in collection and exchange some data between social networks and the association AA Event. We invite you to read the privacy policies of personal data on social networks to take precisely knowledge of information that is collected through social networks and can be transferred to the association in connection with the site, as well as the purposes of use of your data. You can set directly on social networks and access confidential data.
The association collects some personal information and data in connection with your activity on the page social networks of AA Event. These data are used for informational purposes to improve our services. However, AA Event is not responsible for the use made of your data by social networks for their own account.


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1 / If you are using Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, click Internet Options.
On the General tab, under Browsing History, click Settings.
Click the View Files button.
Click the column header Name to sort all files alphabetically, and then scroll down until you see the files beginning with the prefix “Cookie”. (All have that prefix cookies and usually contain the name of the website that created the cookie).
Select the cookies including the name “aa event” and delete them
Close the window that contains the file list, and click OK twice to return to Internet Explorer.

2 / if you use the Firefox browser

Go to the tab “Tools” from the browser menu and select the “Options”
In the window that appears, choose “Privacy” and click on “Show Cookies
Locate the files that contain the name “aa event” Select them and delete them.

3 / if you use the Safari browser

In your browser, choose Edit> Preferences.
Click Security.
Click Show Cookies.
Select the cookies that contain the name “aa event” and click Clear or Clear All.
After removing cookies, click Done.

4 / if you use the Google Chrome browser

Click the icon in the Tools menu.
Select Options.
Click the Advanced tab and find the “Privacy” section.
Click the Show Cookies button.
Locate the files that contain the name “aa event” Select them and delete them.
Click “Close” to return to your browser

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