Artists & Collabs

Here are some of the artists we manage or usually collaborate with. This list is not exhaustive and can evolve anytime. Feel free to contact us if you wanna book one of them at your event or venue.


Violet Tree

Violet Tree is a Pop/Rock Korean band. They make their own composition  (You were my sun  or Stay with me). And they also make popular Kpop songs covers (Like Fake Love of BTS ). Their originality takes place in the rhythm and air used as well as through the use of the violin.

Formed in 2013 in South Korea by Seowoo (bass) and Jiwon (guitar & vocal). At first, they use electronic effects with their DJ and finally, Hyuna (drums) & Hyunjin (violin) join them. At the end of 2018, Hyuna left the band to let a new drummer, WonGyu, for their next tour in 2019 September / October.





SANA first began his career as the guitarist of MASK. The band went on hiatus and SANA made the decision to continue his career as a soloist.

SANA began the project “Seiyuu Meets Visual Kei” in 2012 with the renowned voice actors Kazuki Yao and Hiroaki Takahashi. He has already performed across Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Western Europe, Europe, the USA and many more. SANA has even had the experience of modeling for the famous lolita brand ATELIER PIERROT and BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT in Germany and OzzCroce ON JAPAN in USA.

He will reach over 250 performances in foreign countries, thus, giving him the highest amount of performances in Russia, compared to any artist in Japan.

Now he will be back in EU again.
Don’t miss his concerts in 2019.



Jang HanByul


Jang Han-byul (born 4 July 1990) is a korean singer who made his official debuts with the band LEDApple in November 2011. After LEDApple disbanded, he

started his solo career in 2017 with the single « It’s Spring« , and a first album « Dumb Love« .

He also composed for dramas, like the song Shooting Star for « Sassy Go, Go ».


Now he will be in EU on Spring!
Don’t miss his concerts in 2020.