AA Event

Artist management, booker and PR international company.


  • PR (International press campaigns, publishing, consulting, SNS, press relation, presskits and conferences);
  • Events (Concerts&festivals booking, event management and production, logistics);
  • Design (Professional photoshoots, graphic design, webdesign).


AA Event was born at the beginning of 2019 after the

AA events regroups international management agency, active in artist management, press and public relations, events.

  • 2019: AA event was created by Bettyann Ferrari
  • 2019, May 21: official creation of AA Event

Everyone, thank you.

Trust and strong

AA event wants to creat a special relation with each selected artist. Strong and lovely based on trust. From the beginning to the tour and after this one, AA Event supports talents without border, limit or even gender.

Thanks to a small but multi-talented, multilingual and skilled team, AA event can guide artists in their research of emotion, providing them all the necessary tools to grow up in their own scene.

AA event really want to show the best of the artist and gave them the best.